Jurica Jelić is a contemporary composer, fretless guitarist and bass sintirist from Croatia; who represents his work in a form of instrumental, electroacoustic, electronic music and sound art.

At age 20 he discovered a fretless guitar and wonderful world of non-twelve tone tuning systems by the help of microtonal guitar player and composer Neil Haverstick. Along with fretless guitar, Jurica started working on a computer and electronic music using Csound and many other sound applications. He started blending acoustic sounds with electronically made ones, woven together with field recordings from various spaces. As a performer Jurica performs his compositions for classical fretless guitar that are blend of Balkan, flamenco, and Middle Eastern music, mixed with Western microtonal concepts.

Next to his solo work, Jurica played fretless guitar and composed (music/lyrics) in the experimental pop band “The Alibor” for 3 years (2007 – 2010). Played live with Croatian band “Vjestice” made some film and theater scores with Samuel (Srdjan) Sacher and produced/recorded albums for various bands and artists. Jurica wrote for, performed and collaborated with many artists like Boris Leiner, Srdjan Sacher, Janko Novoselic, Miljan Bakic, Dan Stearns, Marina Vesic, Tony Dubshot, Shaun Sandor (Promute), Momo Mano, Yonat Hafftka, Michael Hafftka, Joshua Pierce, Joel G. Taylor, Johnny Reinhard, Angelos Quetzalcoatl, Tolgahan Cogulu, Jeroen Paul Thesseling, Svjetlana Bukvic … to name a few. Oranization wise, he is a founder of “MicroFEST Knin”, an internation festival of microtonal music, that took place for the first time, in August of 2014. in Knin, Croatia.

Next to music making, Jurica makes his own instruments and works as administrator and server admin, for independent social network for activists “Informed Planet“.

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